Heads Up – Closure on Laurel for Final Paving


I just wanted to give you a heads up about a closure of Laurel Street next Tuesday and Wednesday (4/26 4/27). The closure of Laurel narrows is for final paving of the road. Ive contacted the bus provider and the PTO chair to inform them of this closure. Please forward this information to the folks within your organization or anyone you feel could benefit from it. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Thank you.



Matthew Tipton, PE

City of Lake Oswego


Foster Care Backpack Project – HOPES Committee


The HOPES committee is facilitating a project to assemble backpacks full of fun, comforting items for children who have to leave home in a hurry to enter foster care. They often go without any personal items at all. These backpacks will include things like a small stuffed animal, new socks, age-appropriate book, colored pencils and paper, a deck of playing cards, and an encouraging note. Each class will be compiling items for one child in their specific age group. Be watching for a SignUp Genius, and please discuss this project with your child. If they had to leave home quickly, in a stressful situation, what might be comforting to them? What would they like to contribute? This is a great opportunity to help our children develop Empathy and understanding of life situations different from their own. Please contact Audrey Buchanan or Meri Harper with any questions. Thanks!