HOPES Project – Fostering Hope


The Hallinan Community came out in force for the end of year HOPES project, “Fostering Hope.” You exceeded our goal of one backpack per classroom. Twenty two foster children will receive brand new backpacks filled with comforting, entertaining and essential items like playing cards, books, night lights, socks, toothbrushes, stuffed animals, and craft kits. In true Hallinan style, many of our students added personal and encouraging notes. A few examples:  One second grade class created a “happy book” filled with art and statements about what made each student happy.  Several students included jokes.  As an example:  Why did the spider cross the road?  To get to its web site!  PLEASE ensure your students know that their contributions will make another child’s transition into foster care a little easier with some special items to call their own and a nice bag in which to carry them.
A HUGE shout out to our Hallinan teachers for discussing the project with their students and encouraging a special kind of class unity in behalf of a child in need. They learned priceless lessons about empathy and giving. Go Hawks!

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